Are you LGTBQIA2S+ friendly?

1000000% yes. I am actually part of the Alphabet Mafia and have photographed many people who are as well. My sessions are safe spaces and I will do whatever I can to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and confident.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. Bottom line, yes. This is mainly just for legal purposes on my end. Even 15 minute mini sessions require a contract, but I promise they are super easy. They can even be viewed and signed online and you have access to them at any time.

What happens if the weather doesn't cooperate?

Don't you worry, I know that neither you or I can change the weather and dealing with it can be frustrating. If your session gets rained out or there's some other crazy weather happening, we will work to find a new date and time for the session - free of charge.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! My standard payment plan is 25% due when you sign your contract that is non-refundable, 50% due by the day prior to your session date, and the remaining 25% is due when you get your photos back. I am more than happy to change that up however you'd like other than the initial 25% payment.

What is your editing style?

Any way you'd like! My preferred editing style is Natural and True to Color, but I can edit in many other ways as well. If you have a style you want but don't know how to describe it, send me an inspo photo and I can try to match it! Your photos should look how you want them to.

How do we get our photos?

Your photos will be delivered to you via an online gallery. It is custom to you and will come with a personalized download pin. You can download all of your photos completely free as many times as you'd like, but only those who you shared the download pin will be able to do so, giving you control of who has full access.

Can we request that our photos aren't used on social media?

Absolutely. Plain and simple, they are your photos and I am more than happy to keep those photos private. You get to decide how they are used.

How much experience do you have?

I have been doing photography professionally since 2016. I've photographed a lot of different things; weddings, athletic events, parties, families, etc. I have no idea how many total sessions I've done, but I hit 100 weddings in in September of 2023 so I have a bit under my belt lol! To get a better idea of my experience, you are able to see all of my past sessions photos by heading the the "Galleries" tab under The Client Experience.

Do you have Travel Fees?

I do not charge travel fees within the state of Michigan. Outside of that, we will determine together what accommodations may be needed and go from there.

When do we pay you?

I have a three-payment system. The first payment is 25% of the total cost of the session and is due at the time of booking (aka when you have signed your contract). That payment is non-refundable. The next payment is 50% of the total cost and is due by 6pm the day before your session. This is a way to insure that the session is still happening and both you and I will show up. The last payment is the remaining 25% of the total cost and is not due until you receive your full edited photos. This is my guarantee to you that you will get your photos and get them in a timely manner.

How do we pay you?

Payments can be made a couple of different ways. I do offer online payment through my booking site - it's safe and secure so you don't need to worry there. I do also take cash and checks (make it out to "Morgan Jean Photography"). You are welcome to pay whichever method works best for you, just make sure that your choice fits with your payment schedule.

How long does it take to get our photos?

Your contract will state that you will get your photos back within four weeks. I can be very busy sometimes during the year so it may take that full four weeks, but most clients get their photos back within a week - yes, even weddings!

Do we have to print our photos through you?

Nope! I do offer printing services directly through your personalized online gallery with a professional print shop, but you have printing rights and can print them anywhere. I don't even print my photos through a professional printer all the time, so I wouldn't expect you to!