Hi, I'm Morgan!

I'm the Owner and Photographer behind Morgan Jean Photography.

I am West Michigan based and have found photography to be my very own love language. I love making people happy through photos and will do anything I can to make that happen.

I believe in capturing the authentic and natural beauty of every session, making each one and their photos unique and custom to you. I also love to explore new places and am willing to travel.

My resume includes professional dress fluff-er, boutonniere pin-er, giggle inducer, cheerleader, and "oh shit" moment fixer. Photos should be easy, fun, and be as stress free as possible so I use my Type AA personality to make that happen.

With over 8 years of experience, I can't wait for a lifetime more of working with amazing people and taking beautiful photos!

Why Photography?

I picked up a DSLR camera in high school. I had always loved taking photos with my little point and shoot, but this nice, big, new camera just felt right in my hand. I photographed friends for fun and loved capturing the memories.

I knew that photography would always stay in my life as my passion grew every day upon taking more and more photos. I had an inkling photography was more than just a hobby and after spending just two weeks studying music in college, I officially changed my major to Photography.

As I learn new skills, take on new sessions, and gain new experiences, the joy and confidence that I felt so many years ago continues to resonate in me and provides me with passion, motivation, laughter, and optimism. I am continuously looking for more opportunities to expand my love for my work and for this world while bringing joy to those who I have the privilege to work with and photograph.


While photography is what I spend most of my time on, I do enjoy a lot of other things.

I am so lucky to have met my amazing fiancé. He is a huge part of my life and I love taking photos of him. I am an absolute animal lover. In my spare time, and for a little extra fun money, I am a dog sitter and walker. I can’t wait to have a dog of my own in the future, but for now I get to enjoy spending quality time with lovely fur babies, all over West Michigan.

I enjoy spending time outdoors. From hiking to camping to rollerblading, I like to take advantage of the beautiful earth we get to inhabit. It sure helps to live in a state that has so many wonderful parks and places to visit. I have a “healthy” obsession with coffee and Harry Potter (Gryffindor proud), have nine tattoos, and love traveling all over the world.

I am a big foodie and am always looking for really good food everywhere I go. There's just something about good food that brings people together and makes lasting memories.

So that’s a little more about me and now I’d love to get to know you! Head over to the Contact section and fill out the form or email me to start a conversation.